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Your medical assistant cover letter must communicate that you are a person in control of yourself and who can take charge in a crisis, or when others are under pressure.

Focus on the nature of the work, which is to assist medical professionals in their practice. Just a few of their duties include completing documentation, helping with insurance claims, maintaining and retrieving patient records, explaining the mysteries of the treatment to the patient’s relatives, consoling them and helping them.

Other duties of a medical assistant for your cover letter include performing administrative and clinical tasks to keep the office running smoothly, such as answering phones, setting up appointments, handling correspondence and arranging for hospital admissions. One must also arrange laboratory services, and oversee billing and bookkeeping.  The applicant’s knowledge of the duties involved and their ability to carry them out efficiently should be included in the medical assistant cover letter.

Hospitals and emergency centers are places of high drama. When the public enter these institutions they tend to lose their self-confidence. On entering a hospital, whether it is an emergency situation or not, most are confused about the procedures, lose any sense of direction, and need help. Hospital staff, doctors and nurses are all busy with their duties and sometimes find it difficult to assist patients, as it distracts their attention from the cases they are handling. In these circumstances, the presence of a Medical Assistant is invaluable. They remove layers and layers of complexity and red tape and smooth the way for the patients, doctors, nurses and staff.

A Medical Assistant is an essential element in these highly-charged situations; helping the doctors as well as the patients, in order to assist everyone to get timely and efficient treatment.

Below we have given you an example that you can adapt to suit your own circumstances, while selling your qualifications for the role in this medical assistant cover letter.

Communicate your impressive qualities and qualifications for the role in this Medical Assistant Cover Letter

You need to look very professional from the outset, so you will use the business letter format. Your address and email address on the top left hand side, followed by the date, then the name and address of the person to whom you are addressing the letter. It should look like this –

Before considering any job application, a prospective employer focuses on the cover letter. If that is sufficiently impressive to engage their interest, they will then scan the resume attached to the letter. Writing effective cover letters and resumes is therefore clearly a skill which everyone needs to possess.

Your medical assistant cover letter should include the following:

  • Opening Paragraph: specifies how you came to know about the job opening and the post for which you are applying. In this paragraph you must briefly introduce yourself, and give the reason for sending the resume.
  • The Main Body of your Medical Assistant Cover Letter: You can divide the main text into two or more paragraphs. Here you should include your achievements, qualifications, and any work experience you may have. Also mention any relevant knowledge and skills you possess. 
  • Closing Paragraph: In the last paragraph, write about your commitment to a future in Health and the passion you feel for the job.   Also mention how you would use your abilities to assist in the future growth of the organization.  
  • Type your name and put your signature above it.  Putting “Enclosure” after this will indicate that you have included other documentation – in this case your resume.
  • Always read over this letter before sending it – two or three times – to be absolutely sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in it and that it looks as professional as you can make it.  If your cover letter contains any error, it will be discarded immediately!

Example of a Medical Assistant Cover Letter
This is what your completed letter will look like –

98 Old Kings Road
Devonport, Ontario
NW1 354

July 14 2012

Dr B M Rainer
Head of High Dependency Ward
St Christopher’s General Hospital
Regents Square
Richmond, Ontario

Dear Dr Rainier

I wish to apply for the post of ‘Medical Assistant’ as advertised in the “Richmond Courier” on July 13th, 2012. I am a Certified Medical Assistant with four years practical experience in the role. During the year that I graduated, 2008, I was engaged by Dr. Greenfield of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, to handle the administrative and medical tasks required in his Children’s Department. I absolutely loved the role, and am leaving solely because I consider I need to gain further experience in hospital management, as part of my career development. Your Department, and the way it is managed, was featured in “Ontario Health Press” in February as being a model for the State. I would very much like to be associated with its development over the next few years.

I am very experienced at performing the following tasks –

  • Arranging for hospital admissions
  •  Routine patient screening
  • Keeping medical records of patients
  • Providing laboratory services
  • Filling out insurance forms
  • Providing technical services

In addition, I have excellent communication skills, and have been complimented by my Head of department on the way I have handled the variety of patients and their relatives that the Department sees, and how I have managed stressful situations.

I would be very happy and proud to join your hospital department. I assure you that I will use all my knowledge and skills in improving the well-being of your patients and in upholding the excellent reputation of St Christopher’s.

I have enclosed my resume, and would really appreciate an opportunity for an interview with you, to discuss my capabilities for your Medical Assistant role. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or ‘phone if you require any further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Williamson

Mob: 01845 3784


More ideas for your Medical Assistant Cover Letter

  •  In applying for the post that appeals to you, try to convince the employer that you possess the required skills, regardless of whether or not you have experience. Often, enthusiasm for the role will give you an added advantage over the other competitors.
  • If you are a freshman, then write about your academic history, qualifications, and relevant extra-curricular activities. Any particular interests and activities you indulge in, or any contributions you have made to your community through voluntary work, for example, will be important here.

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