Easily Editable Professional Sample Letter Asking for an Insurance Analysis

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This sample letter to asking for an insurance analysis is designed to make it easy for you to ask your insurance provider to review and update your existing policies if necessary. Such a letter does not need to be long, but it should have specific information to help your insurance company handle your request quickly and efficiently. Providing as much information as you can about your current policies (including policy numbers) and any changes to your circumstances s that might affect your current policies is critical. To compose such a letter quickly and clearly, use our sample letter asking for an insurance analysis.

How to Best Use of Our Sample Letter Asking for an Insurance Analysis

You’ll make the best use of our sample letter asking for an insurance analysis if you understand its structure and format. We use the block style in our example which aligns all of the text to the left. This provides a professional appearance to your correspondence, and makes it easy to read and edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our sample letter asking for an insurance analysis with that of your own.

Complete Sample Letter Asking for an Insurance Analysis

Mrs. Sharon James
23 Windmill Lane
East Hampton, NY 70001
Tel: 214-678-7763
Email: sjames@email.com

May 17, 2005

Mr. Stuart Mathews
Elite Insurance Agency
404 Main St,
East Hampton, NY 70001

Dear Mr. Mathews,

The renewal date for my auto, home, and personal liability insurances is approaching and I would like to ask you to review them in order to ensure I am still adequately covered under each policy.

I would also like to know if I am now qualified for any discounts, especially with my auto insurance as I now have an additional vehicle that needs to be insured, and I have driven an additional year with no claims.

My policy numbers are as follows:

Home Insurance Policy Number: 0047259SJ
Auto Insurance Policy Number: AP-00234567
Personal Liability Policy Number: PL-27000385

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you once you have had the opportunity to consider my options.

Many Regards,

Sharon James

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Sample Letter Asking for an Insurance Analysis:

  • I would like you to review the following policies that are coming up for renewal and make any adjustments as necessary.
  • Could you please send me information about additional insurance plans that you feel may be of benefit to me.
  • Make sure you are specific about what policies you wish to be reviewed.

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