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This employee congratulations example letter is perfect for congratulating an employee, an employee’s relative, or a business associate on their accomplishment. The letter need not be a lengthy one, but it should be sincere and complimentary. Be sure to mention the event they took part in and their exact accomplishment. It can be difficult finding the right words, but you can do easily by using our employee congratulations example letter.

How to Best Use of Our Employee Congratulations Example Letter

You’ll make the best use of our employee congratulations example letter if you understand its structure and format. We use the block style which aligns all of the text to the left margin and compiles it in sections or “blocks.” This gives your letter a professional appearance, and makes it easy to edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our employee congratulations example letter with that of your own.

Complete Employee Congratulations Example Letter

Karen Schumacher
President and CEO
Schumacher and Associates
2225 W. 33rd Avenue
Tulsa, OK 73110
Tel: 502-444-5579

May 14, 2007

Tim Robinson
17 Maple Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74157

Dear Tim,

Congratulations on winning the Junior Division at the Tulsa Open Tennis Tournament.

Winning such a prestigious tournament at such an early age is an amazing accomplishment!

I understand that you will now advance to the National Finals, and we at Schumacher and Associates wish you the best of luck.

To show our support, we have decided to sponsor you by paying for your travel and accommodation costs when you travel to Forest Hills, New York for the finals.

Your father is very proud of you, and he has the picture of you receiving the trophy hanging in his office. Congratulations once again!


Karen Schumacher

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Employee Congratulations Example Letter:

  • (Company name) would like to extend our congratulations on your (accomplishment) at (event) on (date).
  • Keep your letter short, sincere, and to the point.
  • Offer encouragement and show support by making a small gesture if you are in a position to do so.

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