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This congratulations on a marriage example letter is perfect to for extending congratulations or best wishes to en employee or business associate who recently got married. Sending a letter to congratulate them on their wedding is a small gesture that can go a long way towards motivating employees, and showing appreciation to business associates. You can compose such a letter quickly and efficiently by using our congratulations on a marriage example letter.

How to Best Use of Our Congratulations on a Marriage Example Letter

You’ll make the best use of our congratulations on a marriage example letter if you understand its structure and format. We use the block style which aligns all of the text to the left margin and compiles it in sections or “blocks.” This gives your letter a professional appearance, and makes it easy to edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our congratulations on a marriage example letter with that of your own.

Complete Congratulations on a Marriage Example Letter

Karen Schumacher
President and CEO
Schumacher and Associates
2225 W. 33rd Avenue
Tulsa, OK 73110
Tel: 502-444-5579

February 15, 2002

Linda McCrery
44 Scottsdale Way
Teasdale, OK 73110

Dear Linda,

On behalf of Schumacher and Associates I would like to extend our warmest congratulations on you marriage to John Stanwick. We wish you both the happiest of times, and a happy honeymoon!

We are always happy to share in the happiness of our employees. In your case it is especially so, as you have contributed so much to our firm.

I am certain I speak for all of us when I say that no one deserves happiness more.

We all look forward to your return and hope that we get to meet John soon.

Best wishes once again.

Warm Regards,

Karen Schumacher

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Congratulations on a Marriage Example Letter:

  • All of us at (company name) wish you the warmest congratulations on your marriage to (name of spouse).
  • Congratulations on your recent marriage to (name of spouse).
  • Be sure to mention the name of the spouse if you know it as it shows that you are sincere and have made the effort to find out.

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