How Do I Write An Order Letter?

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When you order anything from a business or another person you may need to write an order letter stating your intent to purchase and providing details of your order.  It is a confirmation of placing an order with intent to accept the order and pay fully for it. This example will show you how to be accurate and provide the necessary details when putting an order letter together.

Details and Accuracy of an Order Letter

An order letter showing interest in a product or service relies heavily on details and accuracy for both parties involved.  This is so both parties are clear on the order and what is expected.  It will tell the: who, what, when, where and how of the product and delivery.  It is particularly important to correctly copy the numbers/letters that identify the product or service.  It may take a little longer to double check your numbers or combination of letter and numbers related to the order but it is well worth the extra investment of time –always.

Proofread your Order Letter

It is helpful to describe the item along with the catalogue number that goes with it.  Add any identifying comments such as color, size, quantities; anything that adds clarity.  This is so the person picking the order can do the job quickly and efficiently with no mistakes on the order.   It is a waste of time for both parties when incorrect items have to be returned and restocked.  That is to be avoided at all costs.

If you enter the wrong information, not only will it cost you precious time but it may also involve paying a shipping fee and restocking fee.  Always proofread your order.  The actual purchase order will follow.  This is a legal document of commitment for the transaction.

Other Information to Include in your Order Letter

In this letter of order the agreed upon price, any discounts that apply, quantities, delivery options and expected delivery time frame should be mentioned.  All of this is done so the customer gets satisfaction and the desire results (correct product) as requested.

Format of an Order Letter

Since this is a legal transaction your letter will be a formal business letter.  This will include your contact information and the person or company you are making your purchase from.

Brent Wood
1324 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

August 3, 2011

Herbal Merchants
1212 New Brunswick
Wilmington, NC

To whom it may concern:

This order letter is to give intent to purchase several of your organically grown herbs. I am specifying quantities and milligram dosages on those that require it and I am also ordering bulk packages of several herbs:.

3 bottles of Raspberry Ketones in 60 mg. capsules at 120 pills per bottle.
3 bottles of Valerian Root in 300 mg tablets, at 60 pills per bottle.
1 pound of Moringa Tea.
1 pound of Spirulina.
1 pound of Chorella.
Size 00 capsules at 500 per bag.

All these details will be itemized also on my enclosed order form.
Per our discussion, there will be a 10% discount on the bulk items and free shipping on my total order which is over $100. I understand these items will be sent UPS Ground and should arrive in 5-7 business days.

My Credit Card number has already been submitted over the phone. Please enclose a copy of my order form and my receipt with my order.

Thank You,

Brent Wood

Additional Notes About Order Letters

  • Be specific on quantities
  • Explain your understanding of any discounts and shipping fees
  • Give color, size and anything else that will help clarify your order
  • Discuss payment options if you have not paid upfront
  • Make sure you understand your responsibility if an item needs to be returned and if there is a restocking fee

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