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This example of an application letter in English is for anyone whose first language is not English.  The main impressions you want to convey are your capabilities, skills, training, education and a great attitude.  Since you may be the best applicant for the job you want to come across as qualified for the job as anyone.  Communicating who you are and what you are capable of doing will give you the same advantage as other applicant.

If English is not your native language you may want to ask a friend to go over your application letter for not so obvious mistakes that they may spot right away.  This is just an extra precaution so you present yourself professionally.  After all you may have a distinct advantage over others if that is communicated effectively in your letter.  You want to do all in your power to present well and to stand out as an applicant.

In Your Application Letter Focus on Getting an Interview for the Job

Put strength and conviction into your application cover letter.  You can keep it simple yet persuasive and convincing.  Stay focused on you goal.  You want to be granted an interview where you will be able to meet the employer face to face and possibly strengthen your position as a desirable employee.

A fundamental question an employer needs to be assured of is first of, that you have the needed job skills and secondly, that you possess an adequate command of the English language to be able to understand directives correctly, to carry them out and also to be able to communicate effectively with others.  Your application letter needs to be clear, concise and compelling; this will give proof that you do have an adequate command of the English language.

In Your Application Letter Build a Compelling Case around Your Employment History

Your application letter is an employer’s first impression of who you are and what you are capable of doing in relationship to the job opening and to the skills needed to be an asset to the company.  This is a big order to fill and you can do it so long as you stay focused on your capabilities and communicate them effectively.  To get started, make a list of all places of previous employment and the skills that each one required.  Build a compelling case around your job history.  Include any achievements, community involvement or any other significant information that may broaden an employer’s perspective of who you are.

The format for you Application Letter in English

Since this is a business application, you will follow a business format.  Your application letter will start with you contact information as the example will show.  The date of your application will be next, followed by the contact information of the company you are applying for the job with.

Maria Fernandez
1324 Weisgarber Ave.
Greenville, TN 23231
Tel: 865-922-239

August 12, 2011

King Technology
Mr. Dan Kline,
Human Resources
12 Deane Hill Dr.
Knoxville, TN 23451

Dear Mr. Kline

I am interested in the position I saw posted in the Sunday paper for a computer programmer. I have 11 years of experience as a computer programmer. It is something I have always enjoyed doing and I have been told that I do exceptional work. My husband and I recently moved here for his job and so I am immediately available for employment.

I have already heard many positive things about your company and after doing some background online research I found that you have a remarkably strong image and integrity that is commendable. It would a pleasure to work with a company with such high standards.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you and talk further about possible employment. As you will see in my resume I have extensive schooling and training on many levels of computer technology and programming. I had also been a volunteer at the community center where we used to live. I was involved in helping high school students in the evening develop their interest and skills in computer science. I was especially able to help bilingual students become more adept in the language of computer technology. It was very rewarding and I hope to lock into a similar situation here.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you. You may contact me at any time. I am available to interview any day of the week.


Maria Fernandez

Additional Notes About an Application Letter in English:

  • Give evidence of your ability to do the job skillfully & effectively
  • Give evidence of your command of the English language
  • Be clear on your contact information and when you can meet for an interview
  • Include any information that may contribute to a broader perspective of who you are

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