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This appointment letter example will show the simplicity of this kind of letter which notifies an applicant that he/she has been selected for a particular position, office or job applied for.  There’s a certain amount of urgency to getting it to the person you’ve chosen as you may not be the only company he/she has interviewed with.  It’s a great idea to inform them of your decision as soon as you can.  They’re waiting to hear from someone.

This example can easily be adapted to your company and your new employee.   This is the initial response letter the applicant has been waiting for.   The information in this letter is very basic. Its main purpose is to congratulate the person for winning the appointment and to notify them of the date of beginning employment and their starting salary.

There will be an additional more formal letter to follow after the person again verifies that he/she is still available and interested.   The additional formal letter will go into details regarding company policies and procedures and what is available in terms of health insurance, reviews, and retirement funds.

An Appointment Letter is an Informal Document

This appointment letter is an informal document , especially when compared to the subsequent letter which will be sent out to them which will go into pertinent details regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Keep in mind that this appointment letter is an informal agreement between the two parties and that the follow up letter will be the more legal and binding document.  It is imperative that this letter is accurate as it will be the basis of the follow up letter.

Appointment Letter Format

The appointment letter, as an informal letter, is done in a standard business letter format with the date of the letter, the new employee’s name and his/her additional information, followed by the salutation and then the body of the letter.

Mr. Mark Justus
1500 Clover Valley Dr.
Raleigh, NC

June 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Justus,

This letter is to confirm our interest in offering you an appointment here at American Graphics. In agreement with our recent conversation we are pleased to offer you the position of assistant graphic artist. You will be working closely with our advertising department. We believe your background and education will be a tremendous asset as we continue to expand and offer additional services to our clients.

This is where you will adjust the company name, job title and a brief description of where they will fit into the needs of your company.

We would like you to be available to start work in two weeks, on June 24, 2012 with a starting salary of $30,000 per annum.

Give them the starting date and beginning salary and any additional, yet basic information you may deem is relevant.

I am currently submitting final required paperwork to our Human Resources Department to facilitate your placement in our system. Once this paperwork in completed a formal letter stating the details of your employment will be sent to you. It will contain your health care information, the policies of participation in a retirement or pension fund, optional accessibility to additional company programs and any other pertinent details regarding the relationship between the employee and the company.

You can expand on some of this information or leave out some of it until the formal letter is sent.

If you are still interested in this position, we will need to hear from you within the next ten days from the date of this letter.

You want a commitment from them at this point. Give them a definite day to respond by. You’ll need to know if they are still available and interested.

John McKay

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