Example of a Letter of Appreciation: It is natural to enjoy being thanked

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A letter of appreciation lets someone know that their efforts have been noted with gratitude.  Everyone likes to know this – at both a personal level and a professional level. A letter of appreciation is a meaningful and not too difficult way to commend a person on a job well done and reward them for good work or for going beyond the call of duty. There will be benefits to both parties. Sending an appreciation letter to an employee will probably inspire more loyalty, make them more dedicated and encourage them to work even more diligently.

You are set apart by a letter of appreciation

Not insignificantly, this letter of appreciation from an employer will set you apart from other candidates when you are applying for another job.  It has to be very seductive to a prospective employer to be told by your former organization that you can be relied upon to provide extra and intelligent input into the firm’s goals and objectives, even outside the parameters of your job description.

Below we have given you an example that offers some insight into how to reward a worker or professional colleague for extraordinary effort. It can be used as a guide for your own individual circumstances, when writing a letter of appreciation.

Express your genuine gratitude, while incidentally inspiring loyalty and commitment with your letter of appreciation

  • Acknowledge a recent major achievement
  • Pay tribute to the routine, day-to-day, laborious effort that goes into creating such an achievement
  • Assure your colleague of your continuing support

The complete example of our Letter of Appreciation

This is what your completed letter will look like –

On the organization’s letterhead –

Ms Janet Sanderson
Research Laboratory
School of Medicine
University of Ottawa
NW 54 376

1 June 2012

Dear Janet

I and the team were impressed and very pleased that your paper on” Laboratory Management” was recently published in “The New Scientist.” Congratulations!

Your achievements are a source of pride and inspiration to all of us. We are all delighted to know that so many others appreciate your outstanding work as much as we do.

We are, of course, well aware of the solid, meticulous work that has gone into this achievement, and recognize how fortunate we are to benefit from your contributions to the team on a daily basis.
Congratulations on this very well-deserved recognition, and please know how proud I and your colleagues are of your achievement.

We look forward to supporting you in your further research efforts and in having you continue to provide your valuable support to the team.


Daniel Williams
Head of Physiology
Department of Medicine

More ideas on writing a Letter of Appreciation –

  • Comment on the fact that – Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate others has resulted in a significant increase in the company’s productivity and profitability
  • We know how hard you have been working to ensure that next week’s presentation is a success, and  hope you know how much your colleagues appreciate the great work you have been doing.
  • Copy supervisors, colleagues, and relevant senior leaders wherever possible—. They may want to send their own note of appreciation.

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