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This example of a business apology letter will show you how to respond to a customer complaint and be respectful and sincere toward the customer.  If you are in business you will have customer complaints – that is a given.  How you handle those complaints will determine if you retain your customer or not.  Your biggest asset as a business owner is the customer base you maintain and keep happy.  It is in your best interest almost every single time to tip the scales in their favor.  Be willing to do whatever it takes to address and satisfy every complaint that comes across your desk.  You want them to maintain a positive perception of your company.  We all know word of mouth works for or against any company.

A Quick Response is Expected in a Business Apology Letter

In the apology letter it is very important first of all that you respond quickly and positively.  State the problem or situation again so the customer knows you are addressing their complaint.  Then let them know immediately that you are looking into it and will keep them up to date on any and all decisions that are made concerning their complaint.

Whether you have an immediate solution or not, at least confirm for them that you are aware of the problem and are taking steps to get it resolved.  They just want to know that someone cares and is taking action on their behalf.  If you need additional information in order to make an informed decision it is okay to request whatever you do need, whether proof of purchase or date and location of purchase.

In a Business Apology Letter, Give the Customer Satisfactory Options.

If the complaint is about a product, there are usually two or three options available for you to offer the customer.  First of all you can offer to have it repaired or replaced.   If neither of those options will satisfy the customer then you can offer them a full refund.  Give them full disclosure regarding each of those options and a timeframe.

If it is customer service related you have whatever options you take as a company.  Let the customer know you will be addressing that situation in house.  How you handle that does not require full disclosure to the customer.

Format for a Business Apology Letter

Keep this formal and business-like.  Be professional, courteous, and complimentary.   Put your letter on company letterhead.

1241 North Blvd.
Corryton, CA

July 23, 2011

Dear Mrs. Sommer:

We received your letter of complaint written on July 3, 2011 concerning your washing machine and your unsatisfactory experience with our customer service.    Our focus is to provide a consistently good product and good customer service.  We value our customers experience with our brand and actively listen to feedback from you.   We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and will make this right in any way we can.  

Restate the problem or situation so the customer knows you are focused on the same thing.

 I appreciate your candidness concerning our customer service and I promise you we will deal with the employee’s inappropriate behavior and take necessary steps to correct this.   Secondly we will look into the servicing of your washing machine immediately.  We will be sending out our best technician to assess the situation.   He will be reporting directly back to me.  The technician will be contacting you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment with you.  This will be at your convenience.    I am confident in his ability and expect to have this situation resolved with expediency. 

Tell them exactly what you intend to do about the situation.  Give them a time frame for accomplishing this.  Let them know exactly what the next step is so they know what to expect.  The customer will appreciate this and it keep them in a positive mind set because you are doing something and showing concern.

Right now I am assuming that it is something simple.  If it cannot be repaired immediately or within a time frame agreeable to you we will replace the machine with an identical make and model immediately.   We will do our best to resolve this situation right away so you are not further inconvenienced.

Let them know you take their complaint seriously and see the urgency in getting it resolved.

I will personally be following up on this to see that it is resolved to your satisfaction.  If you have additional concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Blake Thicket
Customer Service
Gen Appliances

You may want to offer them an additional, unexpected surprise for the inconvenience, especially if it is a brand new product.

  • A card to go out to dinner
  • A coupon for free detergent
  • Anything that says ‘we are sorry’

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