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This example of a letter to introduce a business will show you how to focus on a main selling point, effectively showing the benefits of your business to the customer or client.  You will focus on what a customer tends to be most interested in – the benefits to them.  By doing that you should be able to successfully get their attention enough so they will want to know more about you and your business.

With all the new businesses and products constantly becoming available it will be your job to bring attention to what you have to offer by making it unique and truly valuable to them.  Explain fully how your business or product line can make a difference for them.  Profits and benefits are the bottom line if you want to capture their attention.   You will need to be specific and be able to prove any claims you make with either research or testimonials.

Relevant Information in Your Business Introduction Letter

In your business introduction letter, give your potential client/customer information that is relevant to their business and they will be interested.  Since you have spent time thinking things through before building your business you should know more than anyone why your product or business is necessary and beneficial.

You built a business in order to fulfill a consumer need that you saw.  Now you will need to communicate that to others.  Use some of the research and development information to strategically put together your letter of introduction.  Give them a powerful synopsis of your business/product line in your letter introducing your business.

Be Clear on Your Unique Selling Point in your Business Introduction Letter

You can offer to provide more documentation, information or details upon request.  Give an example of what it has already done for someone else.  What unique feature does it promise that others cannot provide or do not provide.  Give compelling reasons for them to be interested.  Make it unique and truly valuable.  You are establishing their perception of you and your business.

Format for your Business Introduction Letter

Since this is a formal business letter, your format will be professional and formal.  Either put it on your company letterhead or provide contact information, along with date of letter and who you are addressing.  It is important that the decision maker for your product line receives the letter.  Do some research or call the company to find out who they may be.

Cooks Technology
1245 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN
(865) 588-3215

October 13, 2011

Mr. Frank Banks
Fleet Manager
Flight Transport
1302 Alcoa Hwy.
Maryville, TN

Dear Mr. Banks,

After years of development and testing we are now able to offer a product that will provide a substantial savings on your fuel costs in the coming year.  We are confident that you will immediately appreciate the value of this innovative product.   With the fleet of trucks you send out on the road every day even a minor savings in fuel costs can be exciting.  But we are not talking about a minor savings. 

On the tests we have run, the fuel savings on 18-wheeler trucks has been between 25 – 35 %.  This is significant to your business as your cash flow is directly affected by fuel charges.   For one company we tested, the yearly savings on their large fleet of trucks came to over $1 million.  Do you see what I am saying here?  The total savings of course will depend on the number of trucks you own.

Not only is this product easy to install but it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.  It will never need to be replaced as it never wears out and it will accommodate all types and sizes of vehicles.  With that in mind, we would like to do a test run for you, at no cost to you, to prove our point.  What we will do is set up a time to meet with you as the fleet manager and explain the complete process to you so far as exactly how this works.  Then we will agree on a day to actually start the test run.

If that sounds fair to you, I would like to set up a meeting with you as soon as possible and show you the product, answer any questions you may have and explain the pricing.  I cannot send information in the mail as this is proprietary information with a patent pending.   But I can assure you that you will be pleased with the results and consequent substantial savings.


Bob Cook
Owner, CEO

 Additional Notes for a Business Introduction Letter:

  • Have a unique selling point
  • Relate and Connect with their business
  • Give background information if it will add clarity or believability
  • Be professional

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