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This business letter of comfort will be an example of being both professional and yet personal when a business associate or one of their employees has experienced a personal loss that you will need to respond to.  Any personal loss is a very difficult and emotional situation.  The family or person experiencing that loss will be appreciative of your thoughtful attentiveness to their situation.  Any such loss needs to be acknowledged respectfully and with empathy.

Be Prompt in Writing a Comfort Letter

As soon as you become aware of the personal loss, make it a priority to respond quickly.  A comfort letter that is sincere and heartfelt will be valued and appreciated.  Whether your connection with the person you are sending the comfort letter to has been brief or based on numerous encounters they will appreciate the fact that you are aware of their loss and taking the time out of your busy day to acknowledge it and show some compassion.

It is well worth the small effort it takes to send a letter or a card with a short note that will acknowledge their loss.   This example of a comfort letter for a business will be brief, professional and yet personal.

Format for Writing Comfort Letter for a Business

This comfort letter will start with your contact information, business address and the name of the person who is composing the comfort letter.  This will be followed by the date of the letter then the contact information of the family member receiving the comfort letter.

Mrs. Virginia Raynor
Human Resources Dept.
Tidwell Management
9018 Northshore Dr.
Athens, TN 12345
T: 910-345-4335

August 3, 2011

Mr. Brent Taylor
1212 Brown Ln.
Athens, TN 12345

Dear Mr. Taylor,

The owners and staff of Tidwell Management would like to express our condolences at the loss of your mother. We were sorry to hear of this unexpected loss. We want you to know that our sympathies and thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Having met Susan several times over the past several years I must say that I remember her as a delightful person and loved how she made those around her feel comfortable. No one was a stranger to her, were they? May her life and the many stories and good memories you have of her stay in your hearts and bring some comfort to you in the days to come. She was an extraordinary person is so many ways.

She will be especially remembered by the work she did at the Children’s Hospital as a volunteer in the children’s cancer ward. I know she visited the children there and read to them and brought small gifts every week. My own granddaughter remembers her as the nice lady who read books to us. I am personally thankful for that small and yet dedicated act of kindness.

Per your request, we have made a donation to the organization of your choice in Susan’s honor.
Please accept our sincere sympathy for your loss. She will be remembered fondly by so many.


Virginia Raynor
Human Resources Dept.
Tidwell Management

Additional Notes and Suggestions for a Business Sympathy Letter

  • Acknowledge their loss and extend your sympathies to start with.
  • Share any professional connections or memories you have of their loved one.
  • You can make this a more personal connection if you have any stories or memories that are special and show a personal connection.  It will make your comfort letter warm and give it a more emotional and empathetic tone.
  • It is a common practice to ask for donations to be given to a charity of their choice in lieu of flowers.  Give reference to it and let them know that that is what you have chosen to do.

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