Character Reference Letter for Court – Give the Courts a Person not just a Case Number

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If you have been asked to write a character letter for court you are in a responsible position to give a unique and positive perspective on a person’s character.  What you say can have a strong impact on the courts and can alter their opinion of the person in question.  It gives you a distinctive opportunity to be helpful and supportive of someone you personally know.

There are many characteristics or qualities that can be emphasized.  Choose ones that may directly affect the courts perspective. The courts only have an objective view, a case number; nothing personal regarding this person. A character reference will give a more subjective and personal view of the person.  It is important to present them as an upstanding citizen, parent, individual and/or business associate.

Give a Good Testimony in your Character Reference Letter

You will be giving your testimony of this person in your character reference letter. It is usually unfortunate for anyone to have to go to court.  Either their rights are being challenged or they have to defend themselves for some reason.  You are giving them you’re your support and providing a believable testimony to their good character.  It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to do a character reference letter.   They are counting on you to represent them well.  Think of all their outstanding qualities and family, business and social involvements and present them in light of each one.

Qualities That Can Make a Difference in a Character Reference Letter

Some qualities you may want to include in your character reference letter:

  • Responsible family man
  • Dependable business partner
  • Strong positive core values
  • Integrity
  • Church Involvement
  • Community support

These are just some areas to consider.  Since you know the person well, you have made other observations about their character that should be included where relevant.  Your objective is to give them the positive edge and round them out as an individual. The outcome of a court case can change or alter a person’s life forever. Take your responsibility seriously and present the courts with a person not just a case number.

Format for a Character Reference Letter

Make sure your contact information is clear and address it according to the lawyer’s suggestion.  Follow the format of the example given and make adjustments to fit the person you are characterizing.

June 24, 2010

Justin Mitchell
1203 Willow Ln.
Greenville, TN
(M) 865-345-4335

To the Honorable Judge Stone:

I am writing this on behalf of James Turell whom I have known for over 15 years. I am proud to be his friend and business partner. He is a strong family man and community supporter. He has integrity and strong core values that he lives and believes in.

James has been married for over ten years and is raising two sons. Besides taking his family to church and Sunday school every week he is also involved in sports with his sons. It is rare for him to miss practice or one of their games. They are a tight knit family and take great pleasure being with others when the opportunity arises. They are also one of the first ones involved in helping a family in crises. This is just their nature.

I would like to give my full support to James in any way that I can. I will be glad to personally testify on his behalf if called upon. I am available to answer any questions about his integrity or anything else that could help. Please get in touch with me if I can be of any further assistance.


Justin Mitchell

Additional Notes about a Character Reference Letter for Court: 

  • Be honest and sincere
  • Be respectful
  • Give relevant background information
  • Be clear on you contact information
  • Be clear on what you are will to do on their behalf

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