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This employee letter of reprimand is an example of how to confront an employee whose behavior is not up to company standards.  This is usually done after a verbal confrontation has already addressed the issue.  This is a serious step for a company to have to take.  This will give the employee specific details on what is expected and what changes need to be made to retain employment.  It should be written in an encouraging way, allowing the employee another opportunity to make a positive change.

When is a Letter of Reprimand Necessary

There are many times when a letter of reprimand becomes necessary.   It will be written by someone in a supervisory position as they have daily contact with the person.   The supervisor will be the one to notice issues that are chronic and need to be addressed.  It is better to confront the situation as soon as possible and get it resolved quickly.

Some actions that require an employee letter of reprimand may include:

  • Not staying on task
  • Not completing an assignment properly, sloppy work
  • Performance problem
  • Extreme behavior issues such as lateness, long breaks, personal phone calls
  • Disrespect for peers or people in authority
  • Attitude
  • Irresponsibility
  • Other company specific rules or regulations

Expectations of a Letter of Reprimand 

A letter of reprimand will give specific examples of behavior along with specific solutions to resolve it.  The letter will also give the employee a clear understanding of the consequences of non compliance.  It will give the employee a chance to make a change in behavior to bring it up to standard.  Every company will have specific procedures for follow up.

The Letter of Reprimand is a Legal Document

This letter of reprimand will be read and signed by the employee, stating they received it and have read it.  It does not necessarily say they will comply.  It is also signed by the supervisor.  It is then a legal document to be placed in the employee’s file.  If relevant, there will be a timeline for review.  There will also be opportunity for rebuttal by the employee if he/she feels unjustly accused.  Again, there should be follow up either way.  A final decision will have to be made and implemented by the company.

Format for a Letter of Reprimand

This will be on company letter head stationary.  Follow the format on the example.  The Letter of Reprimand will include names, dates and signatures.

Company Letter Head

To: Casey Hall (Employee)
From: Michael Taylor (supervisor)
Date: August 3, 2011
Re: Incomplete Work

As per our meeting a couple of weeks ago on July 15, 2011, we discussed the lack of completed information on your part of the work assignments. This is part of your job responsibility and you are expected to provide accurately researched information on the forms needed before sending them on to the next person.

It is imperative that you complete your part before it leaves your desk. It takes a lot more effort to look up all the information but it must be done. The accuracy of information that you provide will determine what steps the next person will take to complete his job. When you don’t complete your part of the process the next person has to go back to do research you should have finished. This is very irresponsible behavior and it will no longer be tolerated.

You have been given extra time to complete this step on each assignment so it is not clear to me why it is not being completed. You have also had assistance in this area. You will be reviewed in another two weeks. At that point we will determine what course of action will need to be taken. I sincerely hope this can resolved.

Please sign below to verify that you received this as it will go in your employee file.

Received by:


Supervisor’s Signature:

Additional Tips About Letters of Reprimand:

  • Include accurate dates and times
  • Be specific regarding the offense and what is considered compliance.
  • Give information for follow up review if it applies.
  • Be sure the employee understands that this will become part of his record

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