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This example of a friend letter of recommendation will show your ability to provide valuable character insight to a prospective employee.  It is important to stay professional while providing your view of this person.  You are in a supportive position to help this person out.  Your opinion may make a difference in where this person will stand in the hiring process.

A personal recommendation is a powerful tool.   It is a great benefit for both the hiring company and for the friend.  You are helping to make an influential and powerful connection between the two.  If the hiring person knows and respects you they will respect your opinion of the person you are recommending.

In addition to desirable personal qualities the company also needs someone with the necessary training or a background needed for the specific job in mind.  You will want to make a strong connection between your friend and the available position.  Expand on why you are recommending this person.  What would they bring to the job in terms of experience, leaderships skills, and their ability to interact positively with others.  Give additional details on anything else that applies. Is there anything that distinguishes them from other candidates?  What valuable people skills do they have?   There is a lot you can say on behalf of a friend so say it well and give them the advantage.

Friend Letter of Recommendation – Qualities to Include

Hiring can sometimes be a long process because of the valuable resources spent on training anyone new.  A company wants to be as certain as they can that the person they hire will be a valuable employee.  The new employee will need to have the necessary job skills as required for the job.  He must also fit in well with the current team.

Some qualities or characteristics you may want to include are:

  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Trainable
  • Responsible
  • Positive Attitude
  • Respectful of Others
  • Productive
  • Focused
  • Adaptable
  • Start out with a brief statement of fact that you can expound upon in the following paragraph.  It will provide a good insight right away into the person they are interested in.
  • Expand on the initial statement and keep their interest going.  Give your unique view of this person from what you have observed when they interacted with others.  Highlight some qualities that will also make them a good employee.
  • You can go into more detail giving the hiring person an even broader view of this person.  When you expand on some of their successes in different areas you show many different characteristics of their personality.  This provides additional insight and more understanding of how they do relate to others and what they are capable of doing.

Thomas Greene
1245 Hillen Ave
Knoxville, TN

April 3, 2012

Dear Mr.Sams:

I am writing this personal recommendation on behalf of Sara Wells. I have known her for over 9 years as a friend, a neighbor and a fellow PTA officer. She has been involved in several community organizations and has had leadership roles in most of them at one time or another.

While raising her two children, Sara has volunteered many times to help clubs and organizations her children were involved in. She has shown great leadership and organizational skills and has always had a remarkable way with others. When you meet her you will recognize right away what I am talking about when I say she has an enthusiastic and positive personality.

Quite frankly I believe she will be a perfect fit for the position that just opened up in our office. As I mentioned already, she has been involved with several organization. She was the treasurer for our youth soccer organization for 5 years and showed dedication, concern and responsibility in that position. As a member of the PTA, she is currently the vice-president for our local group. She has headed up several committees over the years and has organized and carried through many projects. When her girls were old enough to get involved in Cheerleading, she came up with and organized a fund raising idea that took care of many of the costs involved. She has initiative, enjoys working with people and I believe she would be a tremendous asset to our company.

Thank you for considering Sara for the position mentioned. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further or if you have additional questions.


Thomas Greene

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