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This example of a letter of complaint will help you address all the areas you need to cover to get your complaint resolved to your satisfaction.  You will need to state the problem clearly and be specific in your request  so the company you are writing to will have a clear understanding of how you want the problem resolved.  It will give them direction as it will give them your perspective on the situation.  Then they can respond or act accordingly.

What to Include in Your Letter of Complaint

In your letter of complaint there are several significant fact you may need to be able to provide the company.  Here is a list to start with:

  • Identify the product
  • Date of  purchase
  • Proof of  purchase
  • Location of purchase
  • What was wrong with the Product?
  • What steps have you already taken to get this resolved?
  • How Do You Want This Resolved?

Be firm but also be respectful.  Just state the facts and be specific.  You will be providing written proof of your dissatisfaction.   This is a second step, after talking with local customer service, for getting something resolved (whether it is a product or customer-service related).  It the company has a commitment to their customers this should definitely get the process moving toward resolution.

Let them know if you are a repeat customer and have previously been fully satisfied with their company.   Also let them know that this is an unfortunate incident that needs to be resolved.   You are setting in motion the opportunity for the company to look into this and take care of it on their end; allowing them to take responsibility and resolve it to your satisfaction.  Let them know you appreciate their looking into this and taking appropriate action.

Format of Your Letter of Dissatisfaction

This will follow the business format and will include your contact information.  See the example that follows and adjust it to your personal information. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • State the problem concisely. Let them know you are a customer of theirs (if it is true) and compliment their product line.  Be sincere.
  • Expand on the details brought up in the first paragraph.  Give any significant information so the company can be brought up to date on the issue and has an understanding of what has happened so far.
  • Let them know what actions you have already taken and what response you received.  Here you are showing that this letter of complaint is not the first action you have taken to get this resolved.
  • You are spelling it out as simply as possible what options you are willing to look at.  They can negotiate from here.

Andrea Sommer
12 Hillside Dr.
Bristol, TN
(M) 865-421-8945
Email: asommer@bellsouth.net

July 21, 2011

Mr. Blake Thicket
Customer Service
Gen Appliances
1241 North Blvd.
Corryton, CA

Dear Mr.Thicket:

As a long time customer with Gen Appliances, this is the first time I have had to write a letter of complaint. However, I feel like it is a problem that can easily be handled and resolved. Besides a defective machine, some customer service issues have come up that also need to be addressed.

Last month, on June 1, 2011, I replaced my washing machine with your newest model. As I have already stated, I am a long time user of your brand and have never had any problems with anything. However, after using this washing machine for a couple of weeks I realized that there was a problem. It doesn’t seem to be going through all the cycles. I double checked several times and got the same results each time. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed and surprised because I know your company has high standards and quality control in place. Either something came loose in shipping or maybe when it was delivered. Who’s to say for sure?

But here is my real problem. When I called the store to get this resolved I was stonewalled. The manager was uncooperative and refused to do anything about it. I believed a simple visit from a repair man would have diagnosed the problem and it may have been a very simple repair. Again, the manager was not willing to expend that effort and was rude in the process.

Here is what I am asking from you. Obviously this needs to be resolved expediently. I am not asking for a lot. From my point of view there are three options available: send out a repair man, at no cost to me to assess the problem and possibly fix it, replace the defective machine or as a last resort, give me a full refund.

I appreciate your looking into this matter and taking appropriate action toward getting this resolved. Please contact me within the next two days either on my cell or by email.


Mrs. Andrea Sommer

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