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An order letter is a document that confirms the details of a purchase of goods or services from one party to another. It usually provides more information about what you are ordering. Number of items, for example, model or reference number, color, the payment terms, and the manner in which the products are to be shipped. When the recipient receives this letter, they will process the order and send the merchandise.

An order represents an expense to the person requesting this list of goods or services and income to whoever is receiving it.  The company needing to fulfill the order has a responsibility to ensure that its customer is satisfied. To deliver the order on time, ensure that the recipient will be very happy with its quality and to provide an acceptable after- sales service.

It’s a legal record!

An order letter, also known as a purchase order or PO, begins the paper trail of a specific purchase. The objective is to provide the vendor with detailed instructions for fulfilling an order. This letter also serves as a legal record of the transaction and, consequently, should be written with extreme care.

Written by the person or company placing the request of purchase to another company, the order letter is activated once a decision for a purchase has been made.

Below we have given you an example that can be used as a framework for your own particular situation, when you are composing your own order letter.

Your Order Letter needs to be very precisely and accurately worded

Use the business letter format. If you are representing a company, it will be on your company letterhead, which will feature the company contact details. If it is on your own individual stationery, your address and email address goes on the top left hand side, followed by the date and your customer’s address.

Below we have given you an example that can be used as a framework for your own individual set of circumstances, and act as a guideline for the content of your Order Letter.

Make sure you have covered all the bases in your Order Letter.  It will be viewed as the original contract between you if something goes wrong

  • Address this letter to the person responsible for executing the order
  • Draft an Order Letter very carefully.  It will need to contain all the terms and conditions of the purchase for the benefit of both parties involved. 
  • The letter should include details such as product specifications, quantities, the price you have agreed upon in previous discussions, date of delivery, late delivery penalties and any other terms and conditions.
  • Add a comment to the effect that you are anticipating a long and productive professional relationship with this company.  That your desire is that this purchase order is not simply a one-off….

The complete example of our Order Letter

Your completed letter will look like this –

(Company Letterhead): Public Sector Providers plc 

21 Ashcombe Road
Parsons Green
Wimbledon  NW8 697

 15 August 2011
Mr B M Tomlinson
Business Publications Manager
Business Information plc
15 Marron Street
York, Ontario  W3 587

Dear Mr Tomlinson

Subject: Order for 500 copies of “Directory of Government Decision Makers”, March 2011 publishing date

As we discussed at our meeting last Wednesday, 10 August 2011, we wish to place an order for 500 copies of the “Directory of Government Decision Makers”, compiled by Patricia Johns , and published in March 2011.

The cost to us of each book will be $US25.00, inclusive of all taxes

  1. Payment terms will be a post-dated check for 50% advance with the order. This check will be cleared on the day the items are delivered. The balance payment of 50% will be paid within seven days after delivery and after inspection of the items has taken place
  2. The items will be delivered within seven days from the date of the order
  3. Delivery will be to Public Sector Providers plc, at the address on this letterhead, and are to be made direct to Mr Williamson, or to his Secretary, Miss Shirley Blake. After the packing slip has been checked, you will be provided with a receipt for the Order, and an acknowledgment by email.
  4. If the order is not carried out and delivered as per the above terms and conditions, it may be cancelled

Please find enclosed check number 013456, post-dated 22 August 2011 for $US625.00, representing the advance payment for this order.

Our experience in dealing with your organization in the past has been an extremely satisfactory one, and we look forward to continuing our productive professional relationship in the future.



Edward Williamson
Strategy Manager, Public Sector
 Enclosure:  Check No. 013456

More ideas for your Order Letter –

  • Your intentions need to be clear and concise. Attention to detail is crucial. The recipient will fill your order precisely and only according to your instructions; your satisfaction will depend largely upon the accuracy of those instructions
  • Include only the information needed to fulfill the order. The vendor does not need to know why you are placing the order, what it is going to be used for, or for whom it is intended. The vendor only needs to know when you expect delivery and how you intend to pay the bill.

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