Promotion Letter-A Complimentary Expression of Confidence

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This example of a promotion letter will show you how to notify an employee of his/her promotion.  Before an employee is promoted this employee will have proven he is worthy and very capable of taking on more responsibility within the company.  This is a well-deserved and honorable vote of confidence.  It needs to be handled professionally and respectfully.  You are putting more trust and confidence in this person’s hands for a good reason.

Each company has its standards and those employees who meet and go beyond those standards will stand out and earn a promotion as an opening becomes available.  An employee who has consistently shown commitment, dependability and good leadership skills should be rewarded.  In other words, one who has consistently demonstrated the highly valued qualities that a company expects will be the one chosen for a promotion above others.

Your Promotion Letter is a Vote of Confidence

In other words this employee you have chosen has proven himself to be a tremendous asset for demonstration a combination of leadership skills and personal strengths there were compatible with the company’s expectations.

Format for your Promotion Letter

Use company letterhead if possible.  If not, provide the contact information of the manager or supervisor handling the promotion.  This will be followed by the date and the name and contact information of the person receiving the promotion.  Keep everything professional and congratulatory.  This is a very special event for the person being promoted.

Milton & Associates
3200 Kingston Pike
Greenville, TN

May 3, 2011

Michael Bard
1800 Palermo Dr.
Greenville, TN

Dear Michael,

It is with great pleasure and confidence in you that we are offering you a promotion. We would like you to our new manager of operations for all of our stores in the northeastern part of Tennessee. You have consistently demonstrated the ability to make decisions in the best interest of this company which is of great value to us. There will be more responsibilities on your shoulders but we have no doubt that you have the capabilities and discipline to handle them.

We have seen your commitment, dedication and self-discipline in the quality of your work and the professionalism you have shown even in the most difficult situations. You have also shown excellent communication skills which will be of tremendous importance in this new position.

We will meet with you on Friday at 10 am in the conference room to explain in detail your responsibilities. You will receive a significant pay raise and there will be additional benefits that come with these responsibilities. We will cover all of these with you.

We consider you to be a tremendous asset to Milton & Associates and this is a well-deserved promotion. Congratulations.


John Milton
CEO Milton & Associates

A Promotion Letter Offers Opportunity

In a promotion letter the company is offering a deserving employee more opportunities to grow.  They are putting additional trust in one person and want to see what he you can do with additional responsibilities on his shoulders.  This is being made available because the person has shown personal and professional development on the job.  There are various qualities an employer considers before making this decision.  If you are writing this promotion letter here are some areas of personal and professional development you may want to emphasize in your letter:

  • Details were handled and taken care of in a timely fashion
  • Consistently followed through on directives
  • Confidently took on challenges and handled them competently
  • Consistently showed appropriate decision making skills
  • Demonstrated significant leadership abilities
  • Showed effective communication skills
  • Respected self and others
  • Responsible and reliable on all levels
  • Versatile, able to take on a variety of projects and bring them to completion
  • Has brought up innovative and useful ideas
  • Emphasize their strengths and why they were chosen
  • Be professional and encouraging
  • Speak to them personally
  • Set up a meeting to go over the company expectations that come with these new  responsibilities and the benefits
  • Congratulate them!

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