Teacher Letter of Recommendation for College – A Stellar Recommendation

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This example of a letter of recommendation for college will show how you, as a teacher, can have a positive impact on one of your student’s lives.  If you have been asked to write a recommendation letter for college you are in a unique position.  As a teacher you are in a key position to accurately communicate a student’s interest, commitment and dedication to go to college.  You have observed them on a daily basis and have observed them in many different situations.

Give a Good Accounting in Your Teacher’s Letter of Recommendation

To be asked to write a recommendation letter is a great honor and a tremendous responsibility. If you have been approached by a student it is because the student respects you and values your opinion.  It is your responsibility to give a good accounting of the student’s response to learning – were they confident, optimistic and committed to giving their best efforts to their school work.  It will show a pattern and habit they have already developed toward their studies which will more than likely be carried forward into their college studies.

Give Personal Observations in Your Teacher’s Letter of Recommendation

Let them know how long you have known or taught this student.   What other background extra- curricular activities are they involved in?  Every association contributes to their overall character and builds depth and social skills.  Share a little from your perspective about how the student interacts with others.  What kind of rapport do they usually develop with other students, teachers, parents and authority figures?  Give honest observations and comments that will give a clearer picture of the student.

It is important that promising students are given every opportunity to continue their studies and become independent adults.  A college education will contribute greatly to their functioning independently and with confidence in our society.  Your positive teacher letter of recommendation will give them the edge in getting accepted at a college of their choice.

Format for a Teacher Letter of Recommendation

Provide your contact information in case they need to contact you for additional information.  Also date your letter and then include the contact information for the receiver of your letter.  This is a formal letter so keep it professional and clear.  Communicate your professional observations clearly.

Patricia Well
1300 New River Dr.
Jacksonville, NC
(C): 910-235-2345

March 10, 2012

East Carolina University
Admissions Department
242 University Ave.
Greenville, NC

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Sara Lindsey. She was a student of mine her freshman year in high school. Sara was in my English Literature class so I was able to observe her on a daily basis. I have followed Sara’s progress since then as she showed great promise, had initiative and was self-motivated. Sara has always been very mature for her age. When assignments were given she completed them confidently. She has already proven her ability to prioritize and organize her schedule with the demands of school and working part-time.

She has been involved in many school activities over the past three years. The most noticeable one has been her involvement on the school yearbook. After learning some basics of graphic design in one of her classes she jumped right in and applied what she knew to redesigning some of the yearbook pages –and I have to say she did a tremendous job with what she knew. Since then she has taken the initiative to learn as much as she can on her own.

Besides developing her graphic design skills on her own time she has shown mature social skills when interacting with other students. She treats others with respect and is always surrounded by friends. She seems clear on her goals and has a very supportive family. I think she will do well in college because of her study habits, her initiative and her self-confidence. I feel very comfortable recommending her to be accepted at the college of her choice. I believe she will adjust to the demands of college as she has already proven adept at every challenge she has taken on.

Please feel free to contact me if you have anything specific you would like me to address.


Mrs. Patricia Wells
English Teacher
Northfields High School

Additional Notes for Your Teacher Letter of Recommendation Letter:

  • Establish the relationship between you and the student.
  • Provide a timeline of sorts showing how long you have known this student.
  • Give relevant examples of the student’s activities that paint a clearer picture of the student.
  • Show how they interact socially with others.
  • Be very honest, clear and professional

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