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When it is time to make a nomination for teacher of the year, this example of a nomination letter will show you how to highlight their accomplishments and present them professionally and personally at the same time.  If you feel very strongly about nominating a teacher for this prestigious award it is because they have made an impact on you both intellectually and emotionally.

More than likely, the time in their classroom was a very memorable time for you.  Although you were taught by many different teachers over the years in school, you feel like one particular teacher deserves this recognition above all the others.  You want others to understand what it was like to be in their classroom and what you experienced while under their care. Effectively communicating your experience can be difficult but it can be very dramatic if done correctly.

Teacher of the Year – Make a Dramatic Connection

There will be many nominees for teacher of the year so you want your letter to stand out in some significant way.  You want to inspire the committee person that will be reading it.  You want the committee person to be able to understand a little bit of what it was like being under this teacher that you are nominating.  You want to make a strong and dramatic connection.  You were there.  They weren’t.  If they had been in the same classroom, what would it have been like?  Paint a realistic and compelling picture of your favorite teacher and explain why you feel so strongly about that teacher.

Format for Teacher of the Year Letter

This will be in a formal business letter style.   Include your contact information, the date of your letter and the contact information for the committee person the letter.  Adjust the information in this example to your portray your nominee.

Terry Bradshaw
1216 Shadow Ln.
Powell, TN
Email: tbradshaw@aol.com

April 11, 2011
Teacher of the Year Nomination Committee
Mr. Sam Poole
93 Volunteer Ln.
Knoxville, TN

Dear Mr. Poole,

I would like to nominate Mrs. Taylor, my high school chemistry teacher at Rockwood Sr. High School in Knoxville, Tennessee for the teacher of the year award.  It’s been a few years since I was in Mrs. Taylor’s class but I remember it as if were just last year.  I remember being excited to go to her class and it was not just because of my interest in Chemistry.  It was Mrs. Taylor’s enthusiasm, respect and encouragement that I wanted to feed off of.  She greeted us as we came in to her classroom and she taught us a respect for chemistry and also for life. 

Establish your connection to this teacher you are nominating.  When were you taught by them, what class were you in and what school was this at.  Give a brief introduction which you will expand on in the rest of this letter nominating this teacher.

Even though Mrs. Taylor was very strict, we always knew where we stood with her and we understood and respected her for the high standards she set for us and expected from us.  We responded by giving back our best.  From her we learned that there was more we were capable of doing than we ever believed was possible; she inspired confidence in each of us.  Mrs. Taylor accepted no excuses for our failing to complete assignments and definitely no excuses for bad behavior –and we knew that and we did our best to please her.  I think her belief in us brought out the best in each of us and inspired us to achieve more and more.  She spoke to us in a very direct and respectful manner and expected the same respect from us. 

Give some details that expand on the qualities this teacher exemplified.  Be specific where possible.  You are trying to paint a picture and make a connection with the nominating committee person who will be reading it.

Mrs. Taylor was also the student advisor for our Student Government Association, which I was a part of.  Again, she toed the line and expected the same of us.  She taught us how to organize events, follow through on the details and then how to do a critique afterwards so the next event we organized would be better and we would understand why.  She was always respectful and listened to our ideas and validated them. 

What other accomplishments can you share about this teacher?  Give examples of the teacher’s involvement in other school activities or any involvement in the community or any other commendable activity that exemplifies his/her capacity to give above and beyond what is expected.

I learned many valuable lessons from Mrs. Taylor by her example and how she interacted with us.  She taught us the importance of getting a good education, of not giving up on ourselves, on working together and following through on assignments.  I believe I do well in the job I currently have because of the values of integrity and honesty and respect that she instilled in all of us.

Needless to say, I can think of no teacher who has had a greater impact not only on my life but on many of the students who have been under her care.  I know it was a memorable experience for so many of us. I would so like to see her receive Teacher of the Year award. 

Thank you for considering Mrs. Taylor for this prestigious award.  You may contact me by phone or email if you would like to discuss this further with me.  I would be more than happy to provide additional input.

Be sure your contact information is clear and establish that you may be contacted if necessary.


Terry Bradshaw

Professional Qualities for a Teacher of the Year Award

In your letter for a teacher of the year nomination you can start to organize your thoughts by making a list of the characteristics or qualities that stand out in your mind.  Then develop and expand or share them in a way that communicates and connects with others that have never met this teacher that you are nominating.  Give others a more complete picture of this teacher.  You can use this list as a starting point and then add more qualities or characteristics as they come to you.

  • Encouraging
  • Inspires Confidence
  • Dedicated
  • Committed
  • Enthusiastic
  • Respectful
  • Supportive
  • Appreciative
  • Imagination
  • High expectations and aspirations

Each quality can be developed and expanded in relationship to the teacher and how he/she exemplified each one that applies.

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