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This example of a teacher to parent letter will show you how to approach the subject of having to set up a conference with parents of a student.  One of the main concerns for both the parents and a teacher is for the student to successfully compete a course or grade.  When a teacher notices a student starting to fall behind it is their right and responsibility to address the situation as soon as possible to get it quickly resolved.

Addressing Issues Up Front in a Teacher to Parent Letter

Addressing a situation upfront in a teacher to parent letter shows your professionalism and concern as an involved teacher.  It shows your awareness of what’s going on with your students and your willingness to help do something about it.

The purpose of the teacher to parent letter here will be to communicate the need to meet with the parents in order to get a situation resolved and to offer assistance, direction or some solution that will help turn things around.

Identify Potential Issues in the Teacher to Parent Letter

There can be several reasons that a student is falling behind.  It is essential to identify the problem and address it.  The general areas that require a teacher-parent meeting fall under:

  • Academic
  • Behavioral
  • Extended Illness

Under each of these areas is also a wide range of possibilities.  Be clear on what needs to be discussed and be ready to offer clear solutions.

The Teacher to Parent Letter is to Open up Communication

In your teacher to parent letter you are initially opening up the door to communicate with the parents.  Specifics will actually be discussed in a meeting that will follow.  Here you are trying to set up a convenient time to meet for both the teacher and the parents.  You want to do an exploratory discussion of what is going and how it can be resolved.

There are options you may want to offer for their consideration:

  • Tutoring
  • Summer School
  • Study Groups

March 10, 2011

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor,

It has come to my attention that the quality of Jeff’s schoolwork has declined significantly over the past couple of weeks. He is starting to fall behind in his studies and I can tell he has been compromising his study time. I feel like we need to meet to discuss this and hopefully get to the bottom of it and get it quickly resolved. As you may know it can take longer to make up lost work than to stay up with the other students. It also become very frustrating for a student once they get behind.

I understand that he has been practicing after school in order to get onto the soccer team and that perhaps this is cutting into his study time. I am all for students being involved in sports and will give them my full support; however this cannot be done at the expense of academics.

I believe this can be easily resolved with a schedule he can stick to that makes allowances for both sports and academics. After all, there are several students here who face the same situation.

I am available to meet with you either before classes start in the morning or at the end of the day. Let me know which will work with your busy schedule and I can adjust my schedule to meet with you at your convenience.. I hope and believe we can get to the bottom of this and come up with a workable solution.

You may contact me through the school and leave a message with the school secretary or you can send a note with Jeff. Either way, I look forward to meeting you and coming up with a good, solid solution.


Mrs. Jamison
Spanish Teacher

Additional Notes About Your Teacher to Parent Letter:

  • Be respectful toward the parents
  • Be willing to offer solutions or directions to help solve the problem
  • Be willing to listen and consider the parent’s input, their view of things
  • Be agreeable in as many areas as possible
  • Agree on a working solution
  • Set up a time to review the student’s progress and to report back to the parents

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