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This example of a team award nomination letter will cover several areas you will want to address.  When you decide to write a team award nomination letter it will be because the team did outstanding work.  They went above and beyond what is usually required of them.  In other words, you are proud of them, what they achieved and how they pulled together to organize their efforts.  You feel like they deserve some special recognition and praise.

Why You Should Write a Team Award Nomination Letter

Recognition is a powerful incentive, motivator and morale booster.   Competition in any field or company can be tough so to even be nominated to receive an award for excellence is very complimentary and appreciated by a group of employees.

To write a team award nomination letter you will need to be able to clearly articulate proof that the team really did go the extra mile and proved a competence that was extraordinary.

If you have been asked to write this team award nomination letter or you have been inspired to write this letter it is because you have worked personally with this team.  You know their strengths and abilities and you understand first hand what they were able to accomplish as they pulled their resources together and coordinated their efforts.

What to Include in Your Team Award Nomination Letter

In this team award nomination letter you will want to give specific details on what you observed in their actions and results that singled them out not only to deserve this nomination but also what contributed to their excelling in their job.  What was the standard of excellence that they reached and exceeded?  What expectations are understood as set by the company?  What specific steps did they take, as a team, to attain that level of excellence?

Some Specific Points to Cover in Your Letter of Nomination:

Here are some points you may find necessary to include or cover:

  • Give specific details of the job they took on
  • Give an idea of criteria they were expected to comply with
  • How were their actions or strategies different or unique?
  • At what point did they show excellence, raising the bar?
  • How did their results compare with a norm that is usually expected?
  • Who took on the responsibility to set up an agenda that was followed that led to increased productivity or results?
  • What other details set them apart based on your company’s criteria?

Format for a Team Award Nomination Letter:

  • This will be an in-house decision so a letterhead will not necessarily be needed.
  • Start with the date of the nomination and who you are addressing, which department head or CEO.
  • Who needs to be aware of this nomination:  address it to that person.
  • Next will be your contact information and title within the company.
  • Follow this with the title or topic of the nomination.
  • This will be followed by the salutation, followed by your reasons for nominating this team.
  • Keep everything formal and professional.
  • Your first paragraph should clearly express the reason for writing the nomination.  Give specific names, dates and any other significant information.
  • Expand on the details of what was required to complete the assignment, task, job or whatever category it falls into.  Be clear on who was involved in making it happen and what specific strategy they made use of.
  • What was the final result and how was it viewed by the company or client who was on the receiving end.  Did it meet their expectations or go beyond it; what supportive details can you provide?
  • Finish this off by restating your request and offering additional input if necessary.

Casper and Co.

Date: August 1, 2010

From: Miranda Steele

To: Mark Casper, CEO

Subject: Team Award Nomination – Stooksbury Account

The purpose of this is to nominate Jeff Wright and his team for a recognition award for the brilliant completion of a very complex project. As you know we were assigned the Stooksbury project just last month. Not only were the details needed to complete the project very complex, but the client also required a quick turn-around.

The team we pulled together to handle this important client was Jeff Wright, Steve McQuire, Margaret Lisi and Tim Bailey. Jeff took the lead right away and drew up an agenda that took all the complex factors into consideration. I assisted Jeff as a sounding board and support. I let him handle everything. He studied the contract and broke it down into manageable sections and assigned each team member a specific task. He made sure each member of the team understand their responsibility clearly. Jeff was involved every step of the way with each team member and offered input as each task was addressed.

Once they got their momentum going, they were unstoppable. In the end, after many exhausting hours and days, all the parts were completed down to the last detail. Jeff then was able to pull all the parts together and have it ready for presentation as requested by our client. Stooksbury was very please and impressed with what the team presented and will definitely be using us again.

Not only did they complete this project within the time allotted but they also did an outstanding job. The team worked long, very intense days and stayed on task. Several times they stayed after hours just to complete a section. It was inspiring to watch them pull together and perform their duties down to the last detail. They understood the importance of this assignment and were energized by the depth of skill it required of them.

I would like to see them recognized for their stellar efforts and completion of this assignment. It showed dedication, commitment and pride in their work. I am very proud of them and believe they deserve recognition for their contribution to our company.

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide you or if we need to meet to discuss this.

Miranda Steele
Project Coordinator

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