Cover Letter for a Teacher-Introduce Yourself Professionally

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This example of a cover letter for a teacher will show you how to introduce yourself and then present yourself professionally as a qualified candidate for a teaching position.  If you have found the teaching job you are truly interested in you will want to give the school district every reason to hire you.  You will want to share your past teaching experiences and any related experiences that make you a prime candidate for this position.

Teacher Cover Letter – Be Compelling and Appealing

Make your teacher cover letter compelling and appealing.  Include additional relevant outside interests or community involvement or even sports or any hobbies that may contribute to presenting you as a well-rounded individual.  Build their curiosity so the school district will want to get to know you better and grant you an interview. Since a cover letter and resume are the first connection to you as a potential teacher put a lot of thought into it.

Commitment and Dedication to the Welfare of Children

Your resume will list your teaching degrees, certification and any related information so they do not need to be included in your teacher cover letter.  It is okay to make references to any of them but you will not need to go into any detail in your cover letter.  Expand your story enough to grab someone’s attention.  You want to draw attention to your level of commitment, your dedication, your values and high standards and your complete interest and concern for the education and welfare of the children under your care.

Format for a Teacher Cover Letter

The format for your teacher cover letter will be written as a professional letter.  Your contact information will be provided, followed by the date of your cover letter, the contact information of the school district you are applying for and then the body of your letter.

Susan Williams
9089 Palermo Dr.
Bristol, TN 32221
C: 865-789-4563

March 3, 2011

Knox County Schools
Dr. Richard Lonas
12 Gay St.
Knoxville, TN

Dear Dr. Lonas,

I am very interested in the position I saw for Bearden High School as a Spanish Teacher. I am available to start in August as requested. I started my teaching career in Madrid, Spain as an English teacher at two school locations. One was a classroom situation, called Assimil where I taught different ages groups. The other was with Berlitz where I was sent out to local homes as a tutor, again for different ages. During the year that I lived in Madrid I had many opportunities to travel throughout Spain and collect many memorabilia, pictures and experiences that I can bring to the classroom.

Besides my teaching background in Madrid, when I returned to the States, I immediately started teaching Spanish at Nash Senior High School in Rocky Mount, NC, where I taught for 7 years. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and bringing so many cultural experiences and firsthand knowledge and understanding to the classroom.

While teaching in North Carolina I started the Spanish Club, was the advisor for the Student Council and was the teacher representative for National Teachers Alliance. I enjoyed the challenge that involvement in each of these activities brought to me. I look forward to getting involved in similar activities at your school. I enjoy interacting with students in their extracurricular activities and giving my time to students. For me this is very rewarding.

I am including my resume and access to referrals if you need them. I would very much like to meet with you and discuss my availability to be a teacher on your staff. You may contact me at any time. Right now I am available to meet with you when it is convenient for you.


Susan Williams

Additional Notes About a Cover Letter for a Teacher:

  • State explicitly the position you are interested in and in which school
  • State when you will be availability to begin teaching
  • Build interest and credibility right from the start

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