Grievance Letter-Getting a Situation Resolved to your Satisfaction

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This grievance letter will help you to express your grievance to the proper authority in an attempt to bring attention to the problem and get it resolved.  Something personal and work related has caused a situation that you feel needs to be addressed.  Your side of the story needs to be heard.  You want the depth of the grievance to be understood, addressed and eventually resolved to your satisfaction.

Reasons to Write a Grievance Letter

Common everyday work events are not usually cause for a grievance letter.  A grievance letter addresses a situation or circumstances that are disrespectful to you.  This can encompass a wide range of circumstances so you will want to be specific and very clear when writing your grievance letter.  Either the circumstances are being ignored or the proper person in authority is unaware of them and needs to be made aware of what is going on so it can be handled properly. This is an event or an ongoing situation that you feel strongly enough about its negative consequences and its affect in your life that you want resolution.  It’s usually personal which can make it more difficult to express.

Grievance Letter-Organizing Your Thoughts to Express Yourself Clearly

Before you write your grievance letter you will need to be clear on what it is you want to say.  You will need to start by organizing your thoughts.  Be thorough.  It will help you express this grievance more clearly.  Write down events, dates, times; anything that will either narrow it down or help to clarify and verify what you are trying to express. Collect any documentation that will back up your claim.

You are expressing dissatisfaction, concern, or distress.  Your grievance letter will be very subjective. It is all about you and your situation and your response to what you see as an unjust situation.  The person receiving the grievance letter will be looking at it objectively.  You will have to cross that barrier by giving detailed facts that are objective.  This is where accuracy is very important.  This is where times, dates, names and any other relevant information must be spot on.  Get your facts straight or your grievance letter will be loose its impact.

You want your letter to be strong, accurate and still respectful.  Look at the facts objectively before delving into writing subjectively.  Have a friend or associate look it over if possible to get their feedback on how it comes across and how effective it is and how well it communicates your situation or grievance.

Format for your Grievance Letter

This is a serious matter and needs to be written up in a business format.  You will start with your contact information, followed by the date of your letter and then the name of the company that this matter concerns.  If you have a contact person who looks into these matters, address it directly to that person.  Explain your situation as clearly as possible.

Sarah Moore
79 Harwell Dr.
Alcoa, TN
C: 866-345-4335

July 20, 2010

Dale Communications
Mr. Reed Lisle
1324 Kingston Pike
Alcoa, TN

Dear Mr. Lisle

I have work for Dale Communications in customer service for the past 7 years and I believe I have been an asset to this company during these years. My customer service ratings have consistently been high and very complimentary.

The reason I am writing this grievance letter is because I have recently been experiencing what I consider unjust criticism from my new supervisor, Marianne Johnson. So far as I know I have not done anything to warrant this verbal abuse. I am still providing our customers with the service they have come to expect from Dale Communications. I am respectful, courteous and always give them the best possible answers to problems they call in with.

I have tried to approach Marianne to speak to her about this matter but keep getting put off. I just want a clear explanation of what it is that I am not handling correctly so I can make the necessary adjustments. This is a little unsettling because I had no issues with my previous supervisor. I enjoy my job and I enjoy giving customers the help and direction they are need. I try to be very thorough and make sure they understand what I am explaining to them. From the feedback I have received from the customers they have been very appreciative. Needless to say I am a little confused and concerned with this situation and would like it taken care of.

I would not normally attempt to go over a supervisor’s head but I feel justified in going this route in hopes of getting this matter resolved. Thank you for looking into this matter. I intend to continue with this company and would feel more comfortable if this situation is resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Sarah Moore
Customer Service Representative

Additional Notes for Your Grievance Letter:

  • If you have specific incidents that you can document, provide dates and times if possible
  • State your employment history with the company
  • Expand on your duties with the company, specifically the tasks that this grievance letter affects
  • Include any names, dates, and specifics that will help clarify the circumstances

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