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There are two major reasons for writing a Letter of Introduction.  As you establish yourself in business and develop a good business reputation and a reputation for integrity, a statement from you in support of an individual who needs contacts, immediate and special attention, or a helping hand in career development, will have serious influence. So your Letter of Introduction should not be taken lightly.

Your Letter of Introduction is a Serious Business

It is important to remember that your credibility and reputation for integrity are of paramount importance. You must be as sure as you can be that the individual (or business) you are vouching for is worthy of your support. You are sticking your neck out to help this individual or business, and you definitely do not want them to let you down, by not complying with good business practice. Before saying that you will endorse them, therefore, you may have to do at least a minimal amount of research to ensure that – since your last dealings with them – they are still operating effectively and with integrity.

A Letter of Introduction is an effective tool for taking advantage of personal connections, and thereby lending credibility to the bearer/ or the subjject of the letter. It is used often in business to communicate a personal recommendation for a candidate for employment to a potential employer.

Personal letters of introduction are less commonly used in today’s world of instant communication, though they are still requested for admission to institutions such as civic organizations, sororities, fraternities, and business clubs. Their effective use in business and personal situations demonstrates the enduring importance of personal connections in the ever-changing social and business landscape.

Who could provide a good Letter of Introduction?

The three main categories of letters of this type are the business to business letter, the business to customer letter and the personal introduction letter.

Below we have given you an example of a letter of introduction that is written by someone personally acquainted with the individual, through business and friendship. Such a letter can be written also by someone who is a community leader or well known professional in the candidate’s field of business. Its purpose is to validate an individual’s character as he or she seeks to join a new social circle or community.

This Letter of Introduction example has the potential for making a big impact on an individual’s future acceptance into a professional or social group, or opening up career opportunities

  • This is a business letter, and needs to be written in the business letter format.
  • The opening paragraph of the letter of introduction should get right to the point, telling the recipient why you are writing this letter.
  • Having established your credentials as a longstanding and active member of the Society, you will next indicate how inviting your former colleague to be a potential member will be of benefit to the Society.  Establishing this beneficial connection is a critical element in obtaining acceptance to your proposition.
  • Once the Letter of Introduction has stated the case, ask the recipient to participate in some kind of action. It could be something as simple as a meeting or phone call or even more involved

Letter of Introduction Example

126 Ross Road
Richmond, Ontario
WN8 982

August 10 2012

Mr B M Thomas
Membership Secretary
Royal Society of Arts and Economics
22 Adam St
Black Water, Ontario WN1 432

Dear Mr Thomas

I have been a member of this Society for 6 years, and have served on three committees, participating as a volunteer in two of the major projects that are ongoing, and designed to improve access to the Arts in our community. I am now bringing to your attention the application of a business colleague and friend of longstanding, Mr Steven Martin. Mr Martin wishes to become a member of the Society, and I would be most happy to sponsor him.

Steven Martin is Senior Economist for the Waldon Corporation, and is a known supporter of the Arts in this community. He is a noted collector of Japanese woodblock prints, and contributed financially to the mounting of the recent exhibition of the Impressionists in City Hall. He is very keen to become a member of the Society, and to use his considerable skills to promote the Society’s interests.

I have attached Steven’s resume and completed application form, and would appreciate it if you would circulate this to the Membership Committee.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email, or on my mobile phone number 0694 358 0671, if you require any further information.


(Your Signature)
Edward Wilkinson

More ideas for your Letter of Introduction

  • The most important tip to remember about a Letter of Introduction  is to keep it short and to the point. Its function is to break the ice and get the lines of communication open, without overwhelming the recipient.
  • Once the Letter of Introduction has stated the case, ask the recipient to participate in some kind of action. It does not have to be complicated.  It could be simply to attend a meeting, or to expect your phonecall on a specific date

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