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This landscape proposal letter will be an example of how to include all the important issues to be addressed when writing a proposal.  You will write a landscaping proposal after meeting with your client and discussing all the changes or improvements they are interested in you handling.

Details of a Landscaping Proposal Letter

In your Landscaping Proposal Letter you will go into significant detail explaining exactly what changes will be made and the costs involved.  Your proposal itself will itemize all these costs.

Landscaping can be about a few simple changes or it can be extremely involved and altering of the landscape. There are many details that can and should be addressed when writing a proposal.  It is your job to provide clarity of every change, addition, or removal of trees, shrubs, mulch, stone work, or irrigation; whatever you are proposing.  This will be in line with what was previously discussed with the client.

Some Issues that need to be Addressed when writing a Landscaping Proposal Letter

Some details that need to be addressed:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Mulch
  • Stone
  • Irrigation
  • Patio

Not only do these details need to be addressed but they need to be fine-tuned so far as what kind of trees, shrubs, mulch, etc. will be used.  Details are important so there is no misunderstanding once the job is finished.

Explain the Benefits of  the Changes being made in your Landscape Proposal Letter

Your Landscaping Proposal Letter will be an introduction to your actual proposal with the actual proposal itemizing every single change and the costs involved.  You may explain the benefits of some of the changes whether it is for easier maintenance or strictly for aesthetic value.   You want the customer to be able to “see” the changes and understand the effect or benefit it will provide them.   There should also be a timeframe for acceptance of the proposal and a timeframe for completion of the project.

Format for a Landscaping Proposal Letter

A proposal is a legal document committing you to providing  certain services at the price you are quoting.   Since this is a business agreement it will be written up as a formal business letter.  Start with your contact information or put it on your company letterhead.

Then date the document.  This will be followed by the company or person being sent the proposal.

Greenscape Landscaping
1300 Foothills Rd.
Maryville, TN 3912
(865) 921-2356

April 20, 2001

Mr. Jack Reed
1201 Riverside Dr.
Kingston, TN

Dear Mr. Reed:

As we discussed at our recent meeting I am proposing several beneficial changes to your property on Riverside Dr.

We discussed replacing the large overgrown shrubbery in front with smaller, dwarf size shrubs so this will not become an issue years down the road.

We also talked about the need for a brick vs. a cement pathway to make certain area more accessible.

While we are digging up several areas we will be installing irrigation lines to make maintenance a much simpler task especially during the summer months.

We are leaving the present trees in place and adding some additional fast growing tress to your outer property line. These will eventually act as a wind buffer in the winter months.

Enclosed is a full and complete proposal for each of these items and issues addressed. We hope this will be to your satisfaction. We guarantee our shrubs and trees for 5 years and our irrigation system for 20 years.

This proposal and pricing is effective for 2 months from the date on it. If there are any changes you would like to make please feel free to contact our office anytime. I look forward to working with you and bringing about these pleasant changes to your landscape.


Mark Short
(M): 865-235-1245

Additional Notes to Include on your Landscaping Proposal: 

  • Be clear and specify on your proposal the exact number of trees or shrubs that will be covered, and what they will be.
  • Be clear on how many cubic yards of mulch you will provide.
  • Give an estimated timeline for completion.
  • Be specific if installing an irrigation system as there are several varieties, each with its own features that it comes with.

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